less abstruse

No one is paying attention I think to myself sitting in the booth. My three compatriots are exchanging stories about last night's party, which I didn't go to, or maybe they are just saying things like it matters. The fork on the table is electric and I say no one is paying attention again. It is a Delco, anyway, the fork, which is nicer than a Winco or a Walco, but not as nice as a Brandware or Oneida or Browne or Hampton. Nobody will notice. I read somewhere that nearly 65% of silverware goes missing over the course of a year in restaurants around here. So I am in good company. The waiter takes our plates away without seeing any of the four people at the table which makes it easy and as we leave I can feel tines poking my thigh through my pocket, and I would smile but that might give me away.

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  1. I like your commentary... it seems more in touch with your immediate reality and less interested in labeling actions as good or evil. I think this adjusted view might actually be the only real morality. Beyond that, I think it's also great to point out that the waiter didn't even see the people... let alone the Delco.

    Oh, I liked the picture quite a bit as well.




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