Artist Statement and Some Other Good Stuff

I am an artist who works from the inside out. I am interested in giving psychological phenomena a physical form; isolating those facets of self and others that are often overlooked in an attempt to ask questions about our inner workings and the necessity of social norms. I make work about coping with and hiding emotions, about measures taken to feel safe in a world that is not, and about relationships, especially those in which power is uneven. The world is a very interesting and strange place, and our environment is more a part of us than most are willing to admit. In my work, the world in which these insecurities exist is conceived with the hope that our own reality will be reconsidered.

The world is not a place of absolutes, and my work tends toward the mundane greys, though seen through a fantastic and perhaps disturbing lens- I am not concerned with the pursuit of beauty, though I strive for visually arresting work- in which a misconception or an inadequate metaphor or a lie is considered with the same sincerity as the truth. Without the rigidity of Fact, or the concern for Truth, this work stays fluid in both process and concept, allowing it to be at once playful and grave, delicate and weathered, gross and engrossing.

Untangling falsehood from fact allows for the viewer to feel some sense of ownership-  achieved when the viewer or participant constructs some narrative or action attached to the piece- a history which is suggested by the work itself but never stated outright. The vigilant observer and careful participant will discover small hidden delights and curious details, all of which are suggestive of some past unknown and some future yet to be found.

-eric 2014

all that talk aside:
the small blue cat functions as an outlet for words and pictures generated for the [love/enjoyment] of generation.
as a rule, I try to avoid drawing from any kind of source, for what it's worth.
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