holy spigot of zeus

'my patience is growing thin,' he says, and the twitch confirms it. 'if we persist much longer she will surely die of starvation.' so i hasten my explanation of the binoculars, though i know the time to explain the peculiar function of these particular binoculars is sure to be fatal. so it goes.


for the fun of it, i have built a little gif of some key transformations of this drawing in progress, just to prove that it was at one point an elephant. [inspired by a postcard from South Africa.]
but things got out of hand, as they sometimes do, and the result is not particularly elephantine.
happy birthday to my brothers!


  1. i was wondering why the ends of the tentacles looked like the end of an elephant trunk. what an informative gif

  2. highly informative indeed... it's sending me into a trance over & over...




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