you'll need scissors, i'll need some batteries.

you can cut my hair later, maybe the day after tomorrow, because i have a wedding to go to, and you don't really have a lot of experience with cutting hair. no offense.

sounds like a deal. i am really looking forward to cutting your hair. maybe that's just because i love getting haircuts myself. who knows. but, yeah,  where is this wedding? i haven't heard much about it. who's getting married?

the wedding is at the end of that rather dark cave, we've been there before. my friend from gnashville is getting married to some squirrel, and they thought the cave would be interesting.

yeah, that'll be memorable, one way or another. do you have a flashlight or a lantern or something?

well, i was hoping that your dad might be willing to come along. you know, lighten things up a bit. put his burning head to some kind of use.

you know my dad died a few years ago?

haha, so that's why i haven't seen him in a... you're kidding, right? seriously? when did he die? oh crap, i'm sorry.

don't be. we are all relieved that he is gone.

hhh? i guess he wasn't too easy to be around. i always got along with him just fine.  where's he buried?

he's in the cemetary over on the hill. it's close. he wanted to be cremated, which we should have expected, coming from him. but that didn't seem to work, strangely enough.

probably from all those years on fire. was his head still on fire during the funeral? 

it sure was. that bastard always was causing such a scene.  even at the end. we buried him without a coffin, because the thing kept catching.

i wonder where i was.  wish i could have been there. that would've been just as memorable as a wedding in a cave.

i think you were still in gnashville. we sure would've liked you to have been here. you were one of the few people he actually liked.

i think he was pretty largely understood. i think i'll miss the guy, even if no one else does. i can't believe i didn't know...


well, anyway, i've got to run. 

alright, good to see you. 

you wouldn't happen to have a shovel, would you?

sure, why?

no reason. see you in few days for that haircut.

sounds good! can't wait.


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