binoculars again.

back in september there was some mention of binoculars.
they have returned.

these are special binoculars, he says, handing them to his grandson. the boy handles the glasses gingerly, still entranced by his grandfather's words. the greyer blue eyes crinkle. 
i guess a better word than special might be magical, but don't get the wrong idea. magic is fickle these days. it has learned to be distrustful of people. but you should try. he says to the boy. 
look through them and tell me what you see. 
the younger eyes peer through the glass.
he says nothing for some time, and then just as gingerly, hands the binoculars back to his grandfather.
what do you see when you look through them? ask the more vibrant blue eyes. 
they don't work for me very well anymore, but i used to see how things could have been. i am afraid that i have gotten too used to how things are.
i hope i never get used to things, grandpa.
i hope you don't either.

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