a familiar story: epilogue [and extras]

 epilogue. the shortest installment of the peculiar and unsatisfying story. [it is actually only a page.] since this is the epilogue, i might recommend reading the prologue first, followed closely by the first part. [the second part would be a good idea too, i suppose, but it is up to you. i am no great proponent of predestination.]

thanks for sticking with it, and i hope that it was worth it. we should be back to business as usual, though i do think that i may venture into another extended anecdote of sorts in the near future. take care, my dearest all, and remember- we don't see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. that being the case, i hope the world is a peculiar place- full of wonder and enjoyment- for you.


  1. Anonymous24.1.11

    you are a strange, strange man. but entertaining, tho.

    ps. was this your sketchbook for the Arthouse Coop?

  2. i have been preferring the word peculiar, lately, but strange will do.

    this story [or very long anecdote, as i like to think of it] was a bit of an experiment- i was trying to come up with a character who was simultaneously very old and very young [three days or so] and tell a story through his/her eyes. [i am pretty sure that this experiment had limited success, but it certainly was interesting.]

    p.s. it sure is. i cleaned it up a little and added the colour, but this is that sketchbook. [what gave me away?] thanks for reading, palmer!




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