a new way to look at things

the ladybug was bigger than most, so i picked it up and popped it into my empty eye socket. i immediately saw things differently. but not in the ways i expected. i had expected to see things more clearly, with a new sensitivity to colours i had previously been unaware. but that was not the case. it is hard to explain, but i had more of a sense of where things were and less of a sense of what they might look like. i considered wht might happen if i had swallowed the bug- what it would be like to actually be a giant beetle, rather than just see like one. but thinking of gregor, i decided it was not a very good idea, and so i popped the bug out of my eye socket, and put my eye back in.

i thought about my friend who went a whole week using grapes for eyes. he said that you can get used to anything- that is the beauty of people, i guess.

...and then she bit my arms off. but seriously- if you find any giant ladybugs, please don't attempt to test the techniques in this story. [unless you are a trained professional.]

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  1. If there is one thing I've learned in life it is, never trust a ladybug.




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