oh, yes, the cows

whenever sitting idly like this, he'll look for numbers to multiply together; to find the prime factors; to add their digits. when no numbers are available, he'll make ciphers and anagrams of the words, finding all of those hidden bridges present in every sign and note. and if there are no words, he'll twiddle his thumbs, listening to leaves rustle [maybe they are papers- his eyes are closed, so he doesn't know.] the rumble of tractor trailers and trains. he'll dissolve in the exhalation of so many grasshoppers. in this way, all is interesting, all is similar.

sometimes, when the math gets very involved, he'll bite the back of his lower lip, and sometimes, he'll bite through. the warm taste of iron on the tip of his tongue, he'll smile and forget about the numbers, the letters. he'll look about the place that he has been detained with a fresh set of eyes, as if all is new, never before seen.

just wanted to let you know that this blog is going to be pretty slow for the next few months. if you wish to keep up with what i am doing, you can try the little freeze cat, where i am recording some of my experiences in iceland. [so- still a blog of anecdotes and pictures, though not nearly as devoted to the nonsensical.] there is a distinct possibility that it will be vaguely interesting.

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  1. ...and what about the cows? You and your non-sense making! I was hoping for cows!!




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