returned again

dearest all,
i have returned again, this time from the week long bicycle sojourn in small town midwest america.
i think that most of the people on this sort of pilgrimage without destination must be loony. [those people...]
these are the sorts of people who queue up without knowing what the queue is for.
the sorts who wear mirrors on their glasses in the library, glancing to make sure that there aren't any cars following too close.
the sorts of people who refuse to give up when faced with unforgiving head winds; you could jog past them, perhaps. or maybe walk.
the sorts of people who will eat at the same restaurant every night for the whole ordeal.
these are the people who love portojohns and laying in the grass and talking loud all the time. 
[noisy noisy noisy]

the homeless jobless vagabonds. 

the weather was lovely- rainy and windy, but blessedly cool, so only minor skinburning occurred.
here's a few drawrings to hold you over until i get some new material together, maybe a composite bike pilgrim? or maybe the 'yellow guy,' a fiend disguised as a cyclist- we saw through his disguise and plotted to stab him in the heart with a stick.

car up!


  1. sucks for the yellow guy

    i'm not much into birds, fowl and the like, but i do enjoy the rooster. it fits on a digital farm... a techno farm... i'm big on the crossing interface of real life and technology apparently.

  2. Congratulations on completing the ride! Are you now one of "those people?"

    The drawrings look great. Except that the second one is a little scary. I wonder what is wrong with the Kang family that we simulataneously hate and are terrified of birds.

  3. Birds deserve our terror. They hurt when they peck and I've been told they carry disease. But I must say that I really love this chicken drawring.

  4. hey, you never know when here might be a car in the library!




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