the yellow guy

dearest all,
i just realised that i never did post a picture of that yellow guy.
we had plans to stab him in the heart with a stick. vampires who are also bicycling enthusiasts have to wear some pretty big numbered spf sunscreen; not terribly hard to spot. their social skills are lacking as well, so stay alert. it would be a shame to be taken by surprise.

in other news:
you should add a word or two to this list:

  1. giants
  2. cats
  3. scissors
  4. stone arches
  5. fishes [cod, esp.]
  6. cows
  7. grotesque caricatures
  8. a skeleton with a goat head
  9. stone archways
  10. deep sea things, like coral and those nifty helmets
  11. dots
  12. grass
  13. tree stumps
  14. hair(y things)
  15. rocks
  16. scribbles (but no one gets to see that except my sketchbook)
  17. horned things (rams)
  18. eyes with bags under them
  19. people floating in their underwear
  20. people with large smiling mouths full of teeth
  21. squids/tentacles
  22. people who are disfigured or are mutating
  23. organic (plant/flesh based) “explosions” of positive and negative space
  24. robots
  25. monsters
  26. people sitting on clouds
  27. vines


  1. Well, the obvious choice for #28 would be turkey vultures.

  2. excellent! thanks, md.

  3. a snake with 2 heads or a jackalope.
    For both are real things.

  4. indeed, i've heard of both!
    the post called shadow smelling [june 2010] mentions a bicephalous snake.

  5. clocks

    And I can't believe I hadn't seen this one. Superbly apt.




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