catfood in the making

dearest all,

as of late, i've been working on a catfood factory, for which i have high hopes. however there is still a great deal to be done. this right here is a nice yellow bit of concept for the piece. the sculptural version has a number of other elements in play, such as a giant on stilts and hopefully a flock/horde/murder/gaggle/bunch of seagulls. and fish. and little workers. and maybe a kite or two. 

i'm also working on a drawing based on a disturbing dream that i had a few days ago. it might have been a nightmare, but i don't really know what that means.  in any case, hopefully i'll have that one up soon.

with warmest regards,

p.s. i hope you like the new layout that i have adopted with small blue cat. i am hoping that it is both easier to navigate and less cluttered. tricky to do when you don't know anything about anything.


  1. I love the new layout! It makes me feel computer literate. :o)

  2. Scott22.9.11

    The cat food factory reminds me of this.

  3. ba-ha! that is a rather handsome cat food factory right there, scott. or maybe it is just a jar of cat food....




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