wherever there is light, there is shadow, he said. the only way to get rid of that shadow is to get rid of the light, he said. that was the last i saw of him. i've drawn this picture from memory, like a lost child photo, where they guess what time has done to their features. and i sit, the sun warm on my face, my shadow stretching long behind.

Update 2FEB12: This picture can be found on Opportuniste Extraordinaire. Deadly.
Update 23JAN14: This picture can't be found on Opportuniste Extraordinaire after all.


  1. I fear time will not be kind to this being without light or shadow. Tsk. Moreover, he will never be able to dance and sing to "Me and My Shadow."

  2. Good work..interesting drawing!

  3. not that I would really know... but this all sounds terribly zen to me and I love it!

  4. interesting creature, I like it!

  5. This image will haunt my nightmares, but I love it.

  6. Anonymous1.2.12

    hey eric, good to find this site. would like to use this art in my blog, posted at www.optext.net

    need a sad monster - not a monster that feels sad, but a monster that is sad...pitiful...in and of itself.

    the accompanying text is thus:

    "It is sad testimony to the triviality of the governmental illusions we conjure and persistently haunt ourselves with

    that they are so easily disassembled and dismissed.

    For, it is by our own insipidity that we must judge the vigor of the gods we manufacture,

    and the difficulty with which their images are torn down.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Compliance is the deadliest form of mockery."

    i can link to this page...i'll probably do it anyway. let me know if you're ok with it!

    cheers from alaska!





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