this is how we learn; by taking things apart.

dearest all,
separated is the word this week, but sadly, i've been quite separate from the old drawing house, so i've got an old-but-noteworthy illustration for you here. as i went rummaging through the dusty bins of old drawings, i thought this one was a nice fit for the week. it seems to have turned a little green in the last few months, curiously enough.

Originally published in 'digital presence;' the spring 2011 issue of The Open Review Quarterly: (short literature on modern culture.) This particular image is an illustration of Kit Buckley's poem, 'No Escape Starring Ray Liotta'.
There is a new ORQ issue slanted to come out in mid-January. I hope that is right; it's good reading.

PS- i'm not sure how it happened, but Illustration Friday recognised this link for the new topic: sink, as well. [very curious.]


  1. I love it. Mysterious and very well draw... that thing he is holding... I can almost feel the texture... hewww!!! :)

  2. What a strange and beautiful and intriguing illustration....




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