a frightener's lullaby

Dearest all, may you sleep as if you are unharmable
be sure to scroll down; I hope this works.
(i'm pretty sure it won't in your emails,
for those of you who have subscribed.
sorry for the hassle)
also, I've broken all of my navigation...
I've replaced some over on the left,
and to leave a comment,
you'll need to click his face
and you can sneak one in
I think...


  1. Ok, I finally figured out how to leave a comment! You have to scroll the bottom of the jaw down below the comment box. :D

    This is great! And it's really neat to see people doing new and interesting blog kinda stuff. The rollover animation in your header is pretty damn cool, too. Nicely done stuff!

  2. It's a trick to leave a comment on this one, aye. Thanks for hazarding on through it!

  3. Am I a wolf or a sheep? I fear my love of granola makes me the latter.

  4. wow I found out how to comment here ;-)
    Cool trick with the scrolling effect AND a really strong drawing! Perfect.




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