So much words unsaid.

Dearest All,
There are so many letters that I've written over the years to various Ones amongst you, and nearly all of those letters, for whatever reason, remain unsent. So many words unsaid. A wonder that anyone keeps up at all; with no net action from my end of things. So I've been practicing. Practicing writing letters. And someday (hopefully in the near future) I'll start saying those saved up things, though now long overdue.

Or perhaps, I'll end up with the makings of a coloring book. (so the kids can learn the alphabet.)

In any case, dearest All, I appreciate your patience with me, your support, your love, and your occasional cookies. Those undeserved things are certainly the tastiest.

With Warmest Regards,


  1. whoa, lots of cool layout changes!
    have you considered making animations with these letters? they are all so slithery and evasive. hope all is well!

  2. Thank you for yet another heartfelt letter. They mean so much.

  3. great works! adis adis!




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