post-hiatus double issue

dearest all,
it has been too long. my apologies. this post is going to have to be a double issue, as if that will make up for ignoring you for so long. 
the iguana keeps generally to himself, out of habit, out of fear, out of nature. call it what you will. occasionally though, the iguana is surprised by the rocks and sticks in the terrarium. they are no better than the iguana at holding a decent conversation. [none of the three have had much practice.]

it smells like a rainy day laundromat here in the confines of these carpeted walls. it is better than the last room, which was filled with portraits of dogs wearing nicer suits than mine. the silence and military decoration of those hounds was unsettling, and unconsciously, my hand fell into my pocket hoping to find some coin or crayon to occupy itself, but there was nothing, so i left the room, fingers snapping.

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