eels & headgear

i have been working today on illustrating a story.[tentatively entitled 624 water street, that probably won't last] however, the story isn't actually written, and i have only some concept art finished. [details, details...] i did, however, make a cover even though the innards are still laying all over the floor, waiting to be picked up, sorted, and put into some working order within. 
it will happen.


  1. I would first like to say that it's a really intriguing scrap that you're starting with. I really like the concept art. You have such a knack for heads... and from so many angles. Sweet moves. ...but I wonder if the amount of work it would take to finish this idea will be prohibitive?

    If the high labor requirement needed to make an illustrated story by yourself does turn out to seem like a bit much, then I would like to encourage you to consider a similar project at some time in the future. Maybe even taking one of your existing stories and providing it with more art?

    You see, I think you would be really good at these things: the writing, drawing, and merging of the two.

  2. i am also hoping that this is true. this particular project was born of a collaboration with a writer, who wrote a [script] for an eight [8] page comic. however, i had the unfortunate job of destroying the script, just as i destroy everything else. [nothing is sacred in these parts.] so that is slightly on hold. water street is still coming along. it will be pretty short. probably in the neighbourhood of four [4] pages. maybe a bit more. but short, so that i can spend a good amount of time on each frame, and not work on this thing for three [3] years.

    i'll keep the snippets inbound.




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