another howling gif

this is an adaptation of a print i did recently for a dog themed show in our fair city of gnashville

and just for the heck of it:
i have onions for hands. good lord, this is uncomfortable. the trouble with having onions for hands isn't in the lack of dexterity, because that can be compensated for- it is in the smell. everything that i touch becomes oily and yellow and smells pretty bad, and my eyes have been watering forever, which makes me thirstier than i ought to be.

nobody really wants to be friends with someone who has onions for hands, either.


  1. by the by, thanks for your "correction" [my term] of the small blue cat sub-text. My feelings of insult-ed-ness have begun to slowly recede. also, I like the graphic.

  2. no problem
    for a few days [before i had made the new header] it read:
    small blue cat
    jay's favorite blog




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