other than that, i feel great

today, if that is what you call it, has been a strange one. not because of anything in particular that happened, it was a boring day if anything. no, it was interesting because the entire day i felt like my eyes were swelling, no, not really my eyes, but my eyelids, swelling, putting pressure on my eyes- the way you might feel after violently throwing up because you were mad at how you looked. or maybe after you have been crying for a long time. i have to imagine that one, because it has been too long since the last time i cried. i had to fake crying at the last funerals that i went to, because i felt bad about not feeling anything. But enough about that.

Whenever i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror after peeing, i look like i just spent about four days in a constant state of either wakefulness or sleep. i'm pretty sure i would prefer to stay awake that long, because then, when you finally do get to go to sleep, you can fully embrace it, and can enjoy it without anyone looking down on you. if you sleep for four days, people will surely give you a hard time about it. 

aside from being all swollen eyeliddy, i've got one of those headaches that feel like a too tight hat, and my mouth and throat are constantly dry. I just keep drinking water like it is my job, which has left me sitting here, in the dark, with a bloated belly, and i still feel like i have a tongue made of raw cotton. not cloth- the fuzzy stuff.

other than that, i feel great.

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  1. interestingly I just picked up some antibiotic eye-drops.
    ...eye-goop begone!

    "better living through pharmaceutical intervention"




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