[ s c i s s o r s ! ]

not sure why, but scissors have been wriggling into a variety of compositions of mine lately. here are a few [variations/iterations]
[above: a scissors witch of sorts, below: martyred by way of scissors]

 for old time's sake, here is a [short story/fragment] about boats. 
if you want to replace the word [boat] with the word [scissors] 
in honor of the [ s c i s s o r s ! ] post, feel free.
[ a substitution of [chocolate pudding] for [boat] is more satisfying though]

[and as i sat in the boat, i saw a whole host of similar boats with similar passengers, and i wondered just how unique or singular this boat and this passenger might be. I suppose each of us were thinking the same thing, and that we were not really individuals at all, but merely copies of each other, forming some unknowable picture vastly more interesting than any of us, or our boats. so i sat in the boat and smiled, no longer troubled by such thoughts.]
and just for the heck of it, here is a cat as well

coming soon: a short animation test.

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  1. snip snip | meow | long drag | cough! | meow

    ...cats are so filthy when they smoke.




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