nearly 12%

it's a tricky thing to do any digital art things here, but, no worries. they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. so here it is: nearly equivalent to 12% of a picture:

the last words the writer said before he died went unheard. they might have been some call to arms for the younger, more vibrant generation, or they might have been some fully aware acknowledgement of what was soon to happen. i can't be sure, but i imagine that the last words that the writer said before he died were not about cheeseburgers. especially not about his preference of onions on cheeseburgers. and that being the case, because the writer was quite wise, i think that your preference of cheeseburger toppings is not worth talking about, much less writing about. but, then again, maybe that is what most of us think about immediately before that last exhalation. i don't know.

as you may well know, this blog is on a sort of lull until june, though that doesn't mean that it is an absolute hiatus. in the interim, you could go here to see some little videos that i've done, or you could go here to see a smallish portfolio of my sculptural work, or you could go here to have a less nonsensical account of what i am currently doing. naturally, it is up to you. you are the captain of your soul, or something like that.


  1. I'm pretty sure that was me... I will easily be writing about cheeseburgers just before I die.

  2. For me, it will be coconut cream pie.




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