three months and a pile of teeth later...

hæ hæ hæ my dearest all,
it has been some time. I am back! returned from iceland. and in pretty decent shape, too.
if you are curious about the goings on of iceland, you can look here, but otherwise, i think we'll get back to business as usual.

in other news, i am considering switching up the format here some, and am wondering if anyone is interested in guest posts, or collaborative posting. it could be quite fun, and it would certainly spice things up. if you are interested, send me an email at wert.bwep at gmail. some bit of short fiction, or perhaps an illustration? 

happily returned,


  1. this is exciteding
    welcome back, blue cat!

  2. i would be most interested in doing some collaborative posting.

  3. I really like the circuitous lines. You could title this one "A circuitous line of reasoning."




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