Cry for help

Dearest All,

I have a letter that I simply cannot write. I need your help. Here's the deal: if you can help me out so graciously by writing this letter (and emailing it to me at wert.bwep (at) by the end of March, I will post it here on Small Blue Cat, along with a bit of my own indebted gratefulness.

Without further ado- the letter for writing:
My hope is that you, my dearest All, will be the sort to do a letter justice- such clever wordsmiths that instead of some grotesquery, we will instead be graced (for once) with something beautiful.

That is my hope, help if you can. 

With Warmest Regards,

P.S. I am in no position to dictate process or medium, asking for such favors, so do what you will. ...but do it.

Now that March is past, here're the results of this particular... thing.

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  1. Oh, how splendid. I can try my hand at letter writing. I hope I haven't forgotten how.




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