The Fruits of (Y)our Labors.

Dearest All,
I received a great number of responses to my cry for help last month,
and, delightfully, as theses sorts of things often are, the results are varied beyond expectation!
It would seem that you, my dearest All, are better at letter writing than I- That being true, I'm quite grateful that you shared with me.
and, as discussed way back then, I reckon it's fitting to share them with you here.
So, here we go, in no particular order:

These are by Jesse and Anna, respectively. (Thanks to Anna for teaching me the right way to write a Q.)

This one is from Robin (Who I've never met it real life, which is really cool.)

These are by Derek, thanks for giving me a job. (That's a letter for writing, if I've ever seen one...)

This one's by the ever faithful, ever commenting MD, who just might be a swimmer.

These are by Jesse and Robin, respectively. (The former may or may not have been described to me as a bloody stool.)

I'll probably be bothering you all for more help soon, so keep your ears/eyes peeled.
With Warmest Regards,

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