Fallen Away (Cities in the Sky)

Dearest All,

I've fallen from the face of the earth. Maybe someday, maybe soon, I'll manage to climb back on, but (and this has happened countless times before, so it's not worth worrying about.) once I start sliding away, it becomes harder and harder to muster the will to place one hand over the other, and begin my ascent up that rope of whatever-it-is that threads me to our puzzling planet to begin with.

Wait not with bated breath, my dearest All, because time here is slow. (but it's still time, and it still passes; that's unavoidable.)

I hope that today finds you well, wherever you are; firm ground or no.

With Warmest Regards,


  1. this is awesome. i want to stare at it for a while.

    1. Thanks Rob; feel free.

  2. It's really cool but it can give one a headache when reading the text next to it! (It's the same physical reaction as getting sick when riding in a car). Very neat cities, though. And I'm not sure what your cryptic note is going on about, but we better see your IF entry next week mister.

    1. Sorry about the motion sickness... And, as for falling off the face of the earth, I was just musing (vaguely and circuitously) that I've been doing a rotten job of keeping up with people in real life. Thanks for stopping by again; I'm glad you like the cityscape.




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