Night Run

Dearest All,

The weekly topic for Illustration Friday is 'lonely.' I'll admit that I didn't make this little test animation with that word in mind, but, running across an endless desert during an endless night strikes me as a lonely task. It hardly matters how long or fast one might run- the distance seems too great, the terrain too hostile. (But that kind of thinking is awfully heavy.) 

At least this poor lonely birdguy is pretty fit from running all the time.

As mentioned earlier, this is a test piece: I've been learning a bit of Adobe Aftereffects, and misusing it to make things like the above animation. My first test piece was quite ugly (think: exposed intestines), and it didn't loop very well. But, even the best cat food isn't very good if you aren't a cat. By the way, you may recognize this character from a much earlier post.

With Warmest Regards,


  1. Amazing! I love the color changes.

  2. test piece? this is too cool to be a test! It worked great in my e-mail too! I'd say you're misusing things quite well. Nice job!

  3. I can't decide if he should be running faster or slower...I guess that means he's running just right...

  4. Well, I totally missed this! (But now I am signed up for emails) Totally cool, spooky, skeleton bird guy. Running away, or running toward, that's what I always wonder. Really nice job on the desert landscape, great shapes and color. For a test run it's pretty damn cool.

    And now *cough* looks like it's been a while since you posted. What's up with that? :P




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