Screens. Blame the screens.

Dearest All,

I have exciting news to break this hiatus; I've become re-immersed in the fun and interesting world of screen printing. What that ends up meaning is that I'm ending up with physical copies of some of the works that you've seen and come to love here. It also means that I've been making some new treats for  printing. Most all of the old things that I've printed have been overhauled. (I'm not the same person that drew them originally, so I felt the need to re-stake my claim to them.)

for example:

oldy but goody

(you can get the old/original post here.)

With Warmest Regards,

PS if you'd like a print, email me at wert.bwep (at) (I'm curious to see if there is any interest. for this ugly little critter.) 20 bucks for a nice little 8.5x11 2-color screen print is dirt cheap, but that's what we're looking at for now.

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