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Dearest All,
The beginnings of the existential crisis generator go back many years, I'm sure, but the first physical record can be traced to Reykjavik. It was there that I started cataloguing various quirks, dependencies, inhibitions, coping mechanisms and the like, eventually ending up with a series of wall pieces with accompanying games, (or maybe- a series of games with accompanying wall pieces.)

Contrary to my own thinking at the time, it did not end there. Indeed, that sub- or unconscious investigation seems to be ongoing.

What I present here is a set of over seventy nine thousand possible faces, illustrating nearly one hundred eighty eight thousand titles.

Odds are, one or two of the resulting crises will resonate with you.

And this resonance- be it biggish or smallish- ought not weigh too heavily on your heart; though we might be lost, we are certainly not alone.

So, click away, and enjoy.

With Warmest Regards,


  1. Haha this is pretty cool. I really like the bright effect of the white hair and facial hair. Some cool helmets and some gross things! Hooray!

  2. This is completely amazing, thought-provoking and, in a way, maddening. I want to save them all but there are just too many combinations to manage that in a reasonable way. But I am haunted by that one, about 250 clicks back, that I really wish I could see again...

  3. Upon revisiting this, I am again surprised by how many of the generations seem so well thought out. Is this ironic or not?




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