Dreams Yet Unfulfilled

Dearest All,

Here is the coarse rendition of the next installment of screen prints.

For the sake of sanity and to avoid stagnation, I have changed my process a small amount. 
Usually, I'll begin drawing at full size, and revise and re-revise and scrap things and add things, layering one idea atop another; each one similar to the last, but never quite the same. 

In the end, there are the vestigial echoes of the initial concern along with various and sometimes tangential iterations of questions, wrong answers and misconstrued suppositions, supplemented with willfully misunderstood maxims and archaic turns of phrase, all integrated into a single form.

Out of consideration for the machine on which the work is done, I've reserved the drawing part of the job for the end. Not really a big change at all, but it does make things move along a little better without sacrificing the revisionary evolution that I have grown to like so much.

So here's the sketch, followed by a miniature version of the final:

I call this one: Untitled with constituent vessels. (or maybe: Untitled without ghost pigeons.)

And, dearest All, you can rest assured that there will be more to come.
For the time being, I have printed this one on fawn Stonehenge, paper: 11"x30". The image itself is about 20" or so tall. (About half size of the actual drawing.) I suppose I need to get some bigger paper, eh?

Until then, all, be well,
With Warmest Regards,

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