the king of the deep.

it would seem that sidetracking is easy to do, and though it might make the journey longer, it certainly makes the journey richer. and they say that it is about the journey, not the destination. [whatever that means/ whoever they are.] in any case, what started as a story has become a t-shirt, and is bound to have more offspring. let me know if you want a shirt. we'll figure something out.

as for the story, i think that i may have to include a giant pill bug- a giant vicious pillbug...

[" i know what you are promising... i just want to know what you are promising against- so when you break your promise i know what else gets broken. you know, like a pinky swear."]


  1. I'd love a shirt, but won't make you promise any digits/phalanges!

  2. also: I a little insulted that you're calling my favorite blog dumb. WTF mate? Any action you can take to reconfigure the sub-heading on this site would be personally appreciated. Even "Jay's favorite blog" would be better than the suggestion of poor content to follow emblazoned at the top of the page!

  3. many apologies. i hope that i have remedied the problem sufficiently.
    soon: s c i s s o r s !
    a cat head thinking of them, and a saint martyred by them.
    get excited for the soon to come s c i s s o r s ! post




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